Family Work

Cleo can offer family work using a family therapeutic approach. She is a Child and Family Social Worker and a systemic practitioner. Cleo is also completing her (part time) MSc in Systemic family therapy.
As a result of her social work experience and therapeutic skills she can provide a space for couples and families to explore:

Family Breakdown

Family Separation

Struggles to Communicate/Manage behaviour

Couple Conflict

Mental Wellbeing

This is not an exhaustive list but helps give an idea of some of the areas families or staff can be supported. As a Social Worker and trainee family therapist Cleo has supported couples and families from pregnancy to having children up to the age of twenty-five. This includes working alongside families that have additional needs. Cleo can see members of a family individually and, or in group dynamics.

Cleo will work with families or staff to provide a safe space to talk through their experiences. Life can be challenging and how we process and manage the challenges will be different for all of us. Sometimes it helps to have a space where you think aloud and discuss how what you think, and how what you feel impacts how your behaviour, how you view yourself and your relationship with others.

Cleo hopes by supporting you in this space, she can facilitate a change in partnership with you; that allows something to feel different. 

Cleo can offer additional support including:

Cleo is a Social Worker, and a trainee family therapist (intermediate systemic practitioner), as such she can offer a reduced price on the sessions provided.

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